Bear Lake

The big reason we went to Utah was to go camping at Bear Lake. It’s been a favorite Collier getaway for years and camping trips there have continued even after marriages and children. Devin and I hadn’t been there since I was pregnant with Katelyn (five years ago). So my sister-in-law made the reservations, we made our plans and managed to bum off enough camping gear from various family members.

Katelyn and Abby were thrilled to sleep in a tent and finally use their sleeping bags that my mom gave them.

Some of the highlights were:

Katelyn eating a s’more without freaking out about messy, sticky hands.

Playing in the sand and water all day.

Riding a wave runner.


Abby falling asleep in my lap after playing so much.

Katelyn holding a frog. (She wouldn’t look at the camera because she was afraid to take her eyes off the frog).

This trip will be remembered as the one when we went without waffles and tested who’s pancake mix was the best.

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