Salt Lake City Temple lights

While in Utah for thanksgiving, we went to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square. And though it’s difficult to get a decent picture in that type of setting, I’m going to share some of them anyway. (Because the best pictures are the ones you have. Am I right?)

Jakey all bundled up and ready to go.

We borrowed some cold-weather clothes for the girls from Devin’s sister but cleverly left them at home. We made Kayelyn and Abby burritos with blankets from the trunk.

Being goofy.





And the picture everyone takes in front of the reflection pool thinking it’d be a really cool picture.

If only they ever turned out.


2015 Goals — Temple

It’s been a while since I had the privilege of going to the temple. A year, perhaps. That’s what pregnancy-turned-baby will do to you.

Our new ward has early morning temple trips on Saturdays and we are only 30 minutes away.

I’ve got my recommend interview scheduled for next Sunday. My sis has managed to get a few breaks in the Sal family line and for the first time in 20 years we have family names to do!

This is gonna be good…

An 8-month-old Jakey

Eight months to the day, Jakey cut his first tooth. He is still sporting just one but three will soon make an entrance.

Today was the first time he pulled himself to stand up. He can stand on his own for about three seconds.

He’s a daring one. He has no problem with letting go while he’s standing. That is, until he comes crashing down. Then it’s a problem.

Our travels for Thanksgiving and Christmas completely trashed any hopes for a schedule I started having success with. But on the up side, he ate like a champ while in Houston. On the down side, he’s not eating so well now (I’ll blame a cold and three teeth).

For this one, life is too exciting to sleep. In fact, he has his mouth wide open nearly all the time because life is so dang exciting.








Pick up where you are

Sometimes the easiest and best option is to pick up where I am instead of where I left off. So here are some happenings from our Thanksgiving “break.”

I cannot believe how many airplane rides my children have been on. (And to think I didn’t see the inside of a jet until I was nine — or thereabouts). They’ve got this traveling thing down.
You’d think the shuttle ride from the parking lot was a Disneyland ride with how excited they were.


While in Utah we attempted to keep the kiddos entertained. Swimming is always a good idea.

Jakey seemed to enjoy his first time.

I enjoyed the aftermath.

On Thanksgiving day we continued the Sal tradition of making homemade butter. Everyone contributed.

Even Jakers.

You have to train them young.