Tour of Temples

After a hot summer and a week in a hotel, we were anxious to get to sleep in our own bed.  Our drive home went well.  Like our trip to Houston, we planed our route around temples, seeing different ones than on the way there.  So here are all the pictures of temples that we took this summer.  The only ones that we don’t have are of the Houston and Hawaii Temples because we had previously visited them.









4 thoughts to “Tour of Temples”

  1. Oh yeah…Louisianan is not on the way to or from Houston. We visited there when we took a weekend trip with my parents to New Orleans.

  2. ah, ok. I thought my geography was failing me…but I am a science major anyways, so I guess it wouldn’t be that much of a discrace. :) lol.

  3. What a fun idea. I would never think of that. So what is your total number of temples visited?

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