Little Miss Talks-too-much

So the first day of my infant development class the teacher asked what type of things distract from learning in class.  People proceeded to list off things like cell phones ringing, people playing games on their laptop, etc., etc.  Then one girl raised her hand and said, "not that it is a distraction but it is really annoying when the same people always raise their hand, have a comment for everything, and dominate the discussion."  My teacher then proceeded to make a commitment to everyone that he would do his best not let that happen.  Well, his best just isn’t good enough.

There is this girl who probably raises her hand a good half a dozen times during the lecture. I guess it should have been a clue when on the first day the teacher asked everyone who is engaged to raise their hand and she made the "sort-of" sign. What does that mean?  Either you are or you aren’t.  Do you have a ring?  No?  Ok, then you aren’t. It’s that simple.

Anyway, is it bad if I come to class and give a sigh of relief when she is not there?  Is it bad that my eyes just happen to roll when she raises her hand for the zillionth time in 10 minutes?  Is it bad that when the teacher asks, "so does anyone have any questions about where babies come from?" and she raises her hand and I think to myself, "are you nuts lady?"  There are just some things that shouldn’t be said out loud.  Unfortunately, I don’t think she has mastered this concept just yet.

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