What’s in a name?

Returning back to work this week, my co-workers and I have become frustrated by a somewhat new situation.  Just before I left for the summer, a new employee started.  What’s her name?  Oh yeah…you guessed it!  Brittany.  And what department does she work in?  Oh yeah…customer service.  It wasn’t such a big deal before I left because our shifts overlapped very little but now we work about 3 hours a day together and often we are the only two.  Seeing that we don’t usually use our last names with our customers, this has become a problem. 

Me: "…this is Brittany.  How can I help you?"

Customer: "Oh hi Brittany its John again."

Me: "uhhhh…ok?"

Customer:  "About the USB cable?"

Me: "oh…yeah…?"

Customer: "I just talked to you for like 20 minutes about it?’

Me: "oh, that was probably the other Brittany."

Several times a day.  Yes, it is annoying but once we both get used to it, it probably won’t be that big of a deal.  Funny thing is, everyone at work keeps asking both of us, "so what should we call you?"  Both of us are like, "well, I’ve been pretty comfortable with Brittany for the last couple of decades so I think I’ll stick with that."  They are strangely not satisfied with this answer and continue to come up with different things to call us. I find this particularly odd because this is certainly not the first time we have had two people with the same name.  Since Devin and I have worked there, there have been two people by the following names:  Cameron, Mark, John (three at one point), Nate, and almost two named Ashley.  I’m starting to think that when hiring people they just pick out the resumes of the names they already have. 

3 thoughts to “What’s in a name?”

  1. ya know, I still remember how your name is spelled because of the one time you were like “I am NOT Brittney Spears.” I don’t know why I remember that. :) lol.’

  2. Hey,
    We got your last comment on our blog. sorry. we’re not really good at keeping on the blogging scene. But yes, we’re still alive. Hey, are you guys ready for the Office premeire this week? Emily is going to have a big Office Party. It should be good stuff.
    Anyway, I’m about to post another posting on our blog, so check it out.
    Peace out homies
    -Austin and Emily

  3. 1.We used to have few of your possessions in variety of boxes marked Page.
    2. I often call you BP as in British Petroleum
    3 Tell your sister how to add me to her Blog.
    4. Moved Ryan and Kirsta and my back is killing me.
    5. Slept about two hours last night – there must be some caffeine in beans and corn.
    6 Any suggestions for your sis b-day gift? I am getting too obvious with my house decorating pictures and I cannot go and buy girls clothes.

    Love ya Dad

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