Rootin’, tootin’ boring time

Today as I was trying to figure out what to blog about I had a revelation.  Devin and I are very boring people.  We have not done anything exciting lately or taken any good pictures…of anything.  I think we have gotten stuck in a no-fun routine.  You might say to yourself, “but today is Saturday!  Didn’t you do something fun today?”  The answer is, nope.  Same old shtuff.

Today I did some cleaning and we had a small BBQ with our fellow four-plex neighbors. We also had our weekly trip to Costco, leaving with entirely too much stuff.  It’s funny because we used to joke with people how we would go to Costco “like once a week.”  That used to be an exaggeration but it’s true.  Every Saturday. Sometimes more.  But why not?  Who doesn’t love Costco?  Who doesn’t love that you can take back a package of apples because they tasted like a combination of sour milk and wood?  There is no commitment. 

Speaking of our Costco trip today, something funny happened.  Devin and I were looking at the cottage cheese and debating whether or not we should get the three-month supply tub or get the usual from the grocery store when we hear this rather distinct sound come from near by.  That’s right.  Someone tooted and not discreetly.  We both looked around to see where it came from and the only person in the direction of the sound was this 80-something year old lady.  When we realized who it was we couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this little old woman who continued to go about her business, unaffected.  People are funny.

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