Remember when you became a senior in high school and it seemed like everyone had that contagious disease of senioritis? Remember when you had absolutely no motivation to go to class?  Remember when you didn’t care what you got on that senior paper as long as you got some credit?  (oh yeah…nothin’ like a C- on the biggest paper of your high school career).  Remember how that C- didn’t even matter and you got an A in the class anyway?  (what? college prep you say?)  Remember when it didn’t matter that you turned in everything late but your teachers were like, “lets not kill their college chances at this point”?  Remember when you didn’t care that your government teacher was trying to wake you up during his boring first period class…and you didn’t care?  Remember when classes were actually fun and you could goof around for at least the first 10 minutes because class was getting started and pack up 10 minutes early because it was almost time to leave?  Remember when you other people would write love notes to their boy friends or girl friends?

Ah, those were the days.  Though similar, things have shifted slightly to this…

Remember when I actually looked forward to a class and thought to myself, “hey, I can totally get an A in this class!”  Remember when I signed up for a class thinking, “well, it fits my schedule so hopefully it is somewhat interesting.”  Remember when I said to myself, “self, lets wait until your last semester to take the classes you really want to take and have a fun last semester” and then all the classes sucked?  Remember when I had confidence in all these teachers who were “doctors” and thought, “hey, a doctor can tell time” and then they never show up on time?  Remember when I had to leave class (more than once)because I felt like I was going to pass out from the material being discussed?  Remember when I was trying to figure out how much effort I didn’t have to put into the class and still pass?  Remember when I asked Devin, “so, does it matter if I get really bad grades this semester?” 

Well shoot…..

One thought to “Senioritis”

  1. Um, I have a really, really hard time imagining you as a slacker in class. Me = Yes. You = No.

    And yes, I am totally a blog lurker. : )

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