Things to do

Devin and I both had a revelation recently.  We are incredibly boring people who don’t do anything fun.  I look at other peoples blogs and they have pictures of when they went hiking, go on trips, out on dates (wait, what?), and just plain have fun.  So here are a few things that I have decided to actually plan on doing between now and April. 

  • Heber Valley Railroad
  • Go sledding (we bought sleds about a week ago)
  • Temple Square Christmas lights
  • Brian Regan (so what if we have to go to Logan?)
  • Divine Comedy show
  • Muppet’s Christmas Carol (they are showing it on campus!)
  • Take pictures of us on campus
  • This Is The Place Monument
  • The Mayan Restaurant

Any other suggestions?

One thought to “Things to do”

  1. Go to Gardner Village! It’s my favorite. There are a ton of fun shops where I can’t afford anything and in December they have elves on display. Very cool elves.

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