Well shoot….I can’t make up my mind. Mostly because I know what I want, but it just doesn’t exist (story of my life). So I changed the theme…again. As I brows for themes I keep saying to Devin, “I like this, but….” And then I say, “can you change this?” Usually, he says “yes, but it would take like five hours of work because of….” So never mind. I’ll just keep changing themes (even though that drives me crazy) until I find one that I really love. I liked the last one but I wanted a little more color on the posts (not to mention that the theme had some downloading issues into Live Writer so I couldn’t see what I was typing….thanks Microsoft).

Anyway, obviously I’ve been spending my time trying to find the perfect theme and not blogging. Sorry ‘bout that. But, stay tuned….more posts are coming.

One thought to “Indecisive”

  1. This one is weird to me cuz it just doesn’t seem like it should be a blog. But I’m not sure why I think that. But if you like it, yeah for you! My opinion means nothing

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