It makes me sad….

In the words of my favorite niece (Ella-bella), "it makes me sad."  Where is all the snow?!?!

About a month ago Devin and I were doing our usual Saturday Costco cruise and we saw theses. 


That’s right.  Sleds.  And we bought two.  I realized that we have lived here almost three years and not once have we played in the snow. (OK, so not including that winter that we spent high on a mountain top and had to wait hours for the snow plow to come every time it snowed…which seemed to be quite often that winter…and I decided to go sledding down the hill…in my car).

So I decided….no more.  No more "we’ll go tomorrow" or "after I take my test" or "i’m too tired" or "we’re too busy."  The next big snow, we are dropping everything and going sledding!  I don’t care if I should be home doing the laundry!  Heck, even if it is Sunday! (shh, don’t tell anyone). I’m going sledding, dang it!  

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