….and then some. 

We had a great week!  Devin didn’t have class all last week and I only had one on Monday which I am pretty sure was the only class held all week because all the other professors were nice to their students.  Oh well. 

On Wednesday we both worked for a little longer than usual only to come home to absolutely no obligations…yes!  Thursday we got up around 9 and I made stuffing.  Around noon we headed over to Devin’s families house where we hung out and did a few last things to get dinner ready.  I continued the Sal family tradition–making homemade butter.  Sarah did a great job at helping.  It’s always a little more fun when kids get into it.


At dinner we had 11 people so we had to add on another table to fit everyone and the food.  Luckily, Robin and Dave have plenty of room for everyone.


As usual, when the turkey was ready, Devin was the master carver.


At dinner, Dave and Robin decided that they wanted to start a new tradition: everyone make a toast.  Some were funny…others predictable (ie Dave "to more grandchildren…."). After dinner some of the boys played video games while others sat around to chat.  All in all, mostly good.

That night, Devin stayed up a little late to see what kind of deals he could get online for Black Friday.  And he set the alarm again for 4am.  I slept.  We finally rolled out of bet around 9 and rushed off to the mall with the rest of the family.  We has some fun standing in crazy lines but the best was getting hot chocolate from Starbucks. My favorite!  Then we went to Kohls where Robin of course had double discount on top of the sales…yeah baby! 

Later that day we all went to see the movie Bolt.  It was cute but it sure made me miss Libbie and Razzy. :o(

To be honest, I would say that this past weekend was the best that I’ve had in a long time.  We were able to spend time with the family, eat good food, go shopping, and not have to worry about anything!

4 thoughts to “Thanksgiving!!!”

  1. Homemade butter? I did know know you had a fun tradition like that. I’m so jealous of the double discount by the way. I hope you loaded up.

  2. Samantha: I’m sorry but you have to specify who you are. Oddly enough there are two Samantha’s that could potentially read my blog.

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