Random acts of kindness

Just now, as I was sitting writing previous posts, our doorbell rang.  It was at about 9:45pm and I was/am in bed, ready for bed.  So obviously I was not about to get up to answer the door.  Devin wasn’t home.  So as soon as it rang I instantly knew that I wasn’t going to scramble to answer the door. 

Here’s the thing: we were doorbell ditched…I heard them running…and a plate of cookies was left. But I’m pretty sure it was an accident. I mean….the thing is….well….we don’t have friends. So if for some strange reason we do have friends, we don’t know about them.  So here is my shout out:  Thanks! AND, I would like to know who you are.  Not because I feel the overwhelming need to thank you in person (though that would be a plus) but because I’m confused.  So…


To the nice person/people who left us some cookies:

Thanks for the cookies!  Who are you?


Thanks a bunch (of cookies),

Devin and Brittany

4 thoughts to “Random acts of kindness”

  1. Ok, I just have to tell you that your post made me laugh. I’m sure you really do have friends.

  2. It was us! We flew all the way just to leave you guys some cookies. Sorry we didn’t have time to hang out and talk, but we have a baby that we must constantly be photographing.

  3. You guys are crazy! Plus, I’m pretty sure they were store bought (not that I am complaining one bit)and I KNOW Emily would never do that (meaning leave us anything but homemade cookies). So nice try.

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