‘Tis the season

Over thanksgiving weekend, we decided it was time to put up the Christmas tree.  To me, this was pure craziness.  Growing up, our family would put up and decorate our tree a week or two before Christmas, not a whole month.  I suppose it is a little different when you have a fake one and don’t have to worry about how many time you will have to vacuum the fallen needles for the next few weeks.

So we set it up. Oddly, it actually takes less time to assemble a tree than it does to get a real one to stand up perfectly straight.  (I know this one is straight even though it doesn’t look that way). Of course, continually bending and reshaping the branches takes some time.

So here is our perfect tree.  But I’d have to say, it’s not as nice a Grace’s. And yes, I know, we could use another row of tinsel (I of course remembered this as I was putting it on the tree).  Oh, and check out the awesome fireplace.  Yep, we are white trash…but only borderline.



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