Girl’s Weekend 2008

Every year, all the girls on Dave’s (Devin’s dad) side of the family get together for what they call "Girl’s Weekend" (GWE–yes I know weekend is one word but that is how they abbreviate it). It is usually the first weekend in December and all the girls get together to shop, do crafts, exchange gifts and eat junk food.  What girl wouldn’t love that?! Aside from sleep (which there wasn’t much of), most of the time was spent shopping.  Since some people actually fly in or drive far distances for this event, they tend to hit all the shops that you can only find in this area.


Let me just say, I’m done shopping for a while.


Each year someone different hosts the party. This year was Grandma’s turn so much of the time was spent at her house.  On Friday after everyone was done shopping, Grandma had a craft for us.  We all made one of these.


Cute, huh?  It wasn’t the easiest thing to do because the lettering was so tiny but they all turned out pretty cute.  Everyone went to a breakfast that Grandma’s ward was putting on Saturday morning for a food drive but I was too busy sleeping in after the long night. Saturday afternoon Grandma treated everyone to lunch at Olive Garden.  After a few more stops for shopping, we went back to Grandma’s to exchange gifts. There were 11 people there total.  Everyone had a little stocking stuffer gift and a regular gift for everyone so I went home with a huge bag full of goodies! Here are some pictures during the gift exchange.


This is a picture of Ali (cousin), Kathy (aunt), and Patty (aunt).


Here is Megan (Sis-in-law), Robin (mom-in-law), and Ali again. IMG_1205

Here is Jullian (cousin) and Grandma.

After the gift exchange we started on crafts.  As a gift from Patty and Kathy, they got the material to make vinyl letter boards that say "We love girls weekend!". 


Here is Robin and Megan working on their boards.


Here is Megan with her finished, flashy board and Aunt Patty.


I know these are very good pictures but they were pretty much the only ones that I took.  Patty is supposed to email some group pictures to everyone so hopefully I can post those soon.


Later, Jullian was showing Misty (cousin) and me how to make the bows for little girls.












She told us about this website where you can ribbon at an awesome price.  Apparently you can get the ribbon for wholesale prices w/o having a reseller or business licence. So check it out!  I really want to make some bows but right now I have no reason to.  So we’ll wait until I have used up some of my other overflowing craft supplies before I go and get a lifetime supply of ribbon.

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