A rant, a rave, and a just plain old fact

The rant: I just have to say, I’m tired of all these crazy women that seem to have surrounded me lately. There are a few different type but they basically all fall under the same category: annoying.

The granola girl.  During the past several semesters I have taken a few health classes.  The classes were generally good but frankly, I am a little tired of the people who take those classes (generally speaking).  Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself to be environmentally conscious and aware of related issues.  For example, it drives me crazy when I got to Wal-mart (or nearly any grocery store) and I leave with approximately 5 times as many shopping bags than you should since the checker feels that it is necessary to put only two items in a each bag…and then double bag it. I no longer find it rude for me to rearrange all the bagged items and hand the extra bags back to the checker. Anyway, back to my point…all these hippie girls with their long scraggly hair, moccasin shoes, organic snacks, and copper wedding rings (seriously, no joke) are just more than I can handle.

The anti-modern/Western medicine mom.  Again, don’t get me wrong, but if you can push out a baby without any medication, more power to you.  But why the heck would you do that?!  Home birth?  What the crap!? I don’t think so. Not for me.  I know that there is information and research that will support both types of deliveries but I also know that if I have a problem the emergency is about 10 minutes away from my house (at best) when if I were already in a hospital, I could hold my breath longer than it takes to get to an OR. 

Those who think that estimated = definite. I’m not sure why this word has suddenly become so ambiguous.  I deal with people at work all the time who for some reason don’t understand the concept of estimated.  What was most surprising to me recently was when I found myself reading a random blog where this woman went on and on about how doctors have been given due dates to women incorrectly for years. Uh, hello? Did you miss the whole EDD?  Do you know that means estimated due date?  Think about it people!

The feminist.  In my opinion, you cannot claim to be a honest feminist and a true member of the LDS Church at the same time.  The concepts of each just do not go hand in hand.  Again, don’t get me wrong…I certainly believe in equal rights between men and women and believe that both generally have the same ability to pursue any dreams they have. HOWEVER, you must keep in mind your God-given responsibilities and divine characteristics.  A woman who understands the importance of families cannot possibly feel that it is correct to ignore her family responsibilities by selfishly pursuing an unnecessary, demanding career as she drops her children off at daycare.


The rave: Today is the last day of classes!  In fact, I took the opportunity to write this post during my last class of the semester.  Also, we are about 98% sure that we will be moving by the end of the month.  I know, it is a little sudden. Devin got an opportunity to do some IT work at this brand new singles complex.  I know, it sounds a little weird but I’ll give some more details later once we know for sure.

The plain old fact: It snowed yesterday in Houston.  It didn’t snow here. Weird.

PS: I don’t know how I got that green background on that. 

3 thoughts to “A rant, a rave, and a just plain old fact”

  1. ahem…I own mocasins. But I don’t think I’m a granola girl. Will you still be my friend. In fact I don’t just own one pair of mocasins, I own three. And I used to wear them daily. I’m not ashamed. :)

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