I’m in trouble…or am I?

Last week we discovered something while we were at Costco. 

Behold, they have brought back the fabulous ice cream bars!



These are pretty much the best thing since someone decided to put a stick in ice cream. A creamy vanilla ice cream bar freshly dipped in a thick layer of chocolaty goodness then loaded with chopped almonds.  How can you go wrong? Well, I guess you can with the the enormous amount of calories that it comes with but who really counts their calories when they go to the food court in Costco? (do you know how many calories are in a slice of cheese pizza?!)

In other news, Baskin Robins is now on my bad list.  Why?  Apparently there’s such a thing as "summer" ice cream flavors.  What is that all about?! Last I checked, there aren’t any ice cream flavors that make you feel warm in the winter so why distinguish?


So, when I went to get a pint of my favorite goodness, Daiquiri Ice, (not a good day), and found out they didn’t have any, I went on a mission. Fortunately, before I had the chance to drive all over Utah to find some, Devin called the Orem location who told him that it was a "summer" flavor.  Whatever. That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

Now I am a little nervous.  I looked on their web site and couldn’t find the flavor listed anywhere.  Oh, I sure hope it’s not gone forever! (though that could be a good thing).

3 thoughts to “I’m in trouble…or am I?”

  1. No decorated ice? What will you do!? Is that your craving? Bluebell has seasonal flavors too – good for me, no key lime pie in the winter. With all that snow, bet you wish you were here in Texas (78 degrees). I wish you were here. Love Mom

  2. Oh wow! You are sure having strong cravings. I can almost feel them from North Carolina! Lucky for you! When I was pregnant, ice cream disgusted me. Sad, I know.

  3. I was also very thrilled to see that Costco had brought back those ice cream bars. Oh how I wish I could eat one, or anything for that matter.

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