Our first few days

We have been in our new place for an official 2 days.  On Friday we decided that we were too tired to do a mass cleaning of the place after we spent about four hours shopping for food, toiletries, and other various miscellaneous items that we decided not to bring with us. So since we had planned to spend some time with our friends Austin and Emily, we took them up on their offer to stay the night at their place.  They live about an hour away…well, an hour and a half if you try to go there in traffic on a Friday night like we did. We were glad that we were able to stay there and not worry about our place until the next day. Saturday afternoon we went out to In-n-Out for lunch. I don’t think there is one too near us so that’s probably a good thing.

Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning and unpacking.  During this power cleaning day, I came to the conclusion that I have a mild to moderate case of germaphobia. Even after moping the floors with Pine-sol I still have a hard time going without shoes. This issue certainly doesn’t get any better when my sense of smell is like a hound dog.  Does anyone know when that actually goes away?  Ah, it’s driving me crazy!

It’s been raining off and on since we got here.  Normally I love the rain.  I guess I just expected it to be a lot warmer.  With the rain, the humidity makes it cold, sticky and musty.  I’ve been running the AC just so we can dry things up a bit even though I’d rather be running the heater. On the up side, I can breath easier and I don’t have to fill the humidifier every night.

Our new ward seems really nice.  How many wards have we moved to where the bishop calls us before we ever move in?!  Zero.  How many wards have we been in where the bishop never even called us….um, all?  In our ward there will be four couples from BYU where the husband is working at Apple like Devin. The RS president was also very welcoming and has already set up a time to come and meet with me tomorrow!  These people are on top of things! The bishop and his wife invited us and the two other couples that have made it here so far for dinner yesterday.  The food was really good and they were so much fun to talk to. We were there for almost three hours!  It was great.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. Devin started work today. I have a doctors appointment today with the new doc. Hopefully she’s not crazy.

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