A new toy

The other day Devin ordered this new toy. (I swear it’s Christmas every week….no wonder I can’t think of anything to get him when a gift giving holiday finally comes around).  It’s a pretty sweet little contraption.  It’s this telescoping rod that you connect your camera to so all those self portrait shots don’t look so….selfy.  It looks like this..


Yesterday we took a little trip and decided to try it out.  Let’s just say there is a bit of a learning curve for it.  Here are some pictures, in sequence, while we tried to figure it out.  Can you tell where we are?

Probably not…


How about now?


Ah, getting closer….


There we go. The Oakland Temple. Still a little crooked but we can go back and fix that, right?  (yeah, just like we were going to do on so many of our other pictures….but didn’t).



So yesterday we went to the temple and did a session.  Our ward and a few other wards has this thing where they get a charter bus for ward(s) temple night.  It was nice because we didn’t have to drive since it is about an hour away.  It wasn’t so nice because most the people there seemed like those that didn’t want to drive so far or couldn’t. Needless to say, there wasn’t much of a diversity of ages in the group and yes, we were the youngest.  Well, maybe for the exception of another couple.  On the way home, they had sandwiches, fruit, water and cookies.  That was nice but we learned something.  Unless you want what everyone else didn’t want for the sandwich, don’t be the last one on the bus like we were.  We are still trying to figure out why they wait until after the session to serve the food (around 9:30 at night) instead of before around 6pm.

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