Feeling a little sick

I’ve taken the leap into my second trimester with unrealistic expectations.  I think I’ve heard everything from “the fist trimester is the worst….the second is the best…” to “I wish I could tell you that it gets better, but it doesn’t.”  Sure I’ve had my complaints about…everything.  From hating food to needing food, looking forward to buying new clothes to realizing that on a hanger is where the best belong, and on and on. Most recently, I’m uncomfortable.  Great….and I thought that wouldn’t happen until the last few months. (Yet another lie I was told). 

Many times I’ve had the thought (and vocal discussion) that this child could very likely be an only child.  Yes, I know I’ve actually had it pretty easy compared others requiring constant medication or bed rest throughout their pregnancy. In that respect I count my blessings.  HOWEVER, this still sucks.  At one point in my life I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be fun and cute to be pregnant!”  Ah, if only. I was encouraged the other day when my sis told me she wanted four kids, and that’s after already having one. Perhaps there is hope after all.

So I take one day at a time. Some days I feel sick.  Not the first-few-weeks-have-to-eat-or-else kind of sick, but just kind of blah.  Oh, and then there are the “can’t breathe” moments I keep having. Again, something that I thought I wouldn’t experience until the end when the baby had the ability to stick it’s foot into my lungs. So far the only thing that helps is laying down.

This past week I’ve been doing pretty good.  I certainly have my days but the past four I have forced myself to work through them. Every day I have gone for a walk which I am enjoying.  I think I’ve been getting in somewhere around 2-3 miles a day, though some days inevitably take longer than others to get that accomplished. There are some nice areas of our neighborhood.  And then there are the questionable areas.  Last week I decided to walk a loop around the area (about 2.5 miles) and later decided that would be my first and last time doing so.  So now I stick to the areas that have nicer complexes and overpriced town homes for my walking enjoyment.  The roads aren’t too busy but busy enough that there are plenty of witnesses to help me feel safe.

Other than that I’ve been feeling home sick.  Not necessarily missing Utah (actually, aside from Taco Time, not missing it at all) but I WANT MY BED!  I’m now realizing that if there is one thing that you need when you are pregnant is a good bed…and we have one….in Utah. The one that we are using is decent but the last few nights my hips have started hurting around 4am.  That usually isn’t a problem but since at this point in the game I’m not supposed to sleep in my back, it poses a problem.  Though Devin was sweet to get me a body pillow a few months back, I foresee a purchase of a few more pillows in the near future.

On the up side, I finally bought some more maternity clothes yesterday.  So far I’ve been using my sister’s pants, a pair of capris, and couple of non-maternity but they work anyway type of shirts.  I guess when I spend most of my time resting in bed and taking walks, I don’t feel the need to have a lot of clothes at this point.

6 thoughts to “Feeling a little sick”

  1. I really am sorry you feel so cruddy. But you will forget it after the baby is born and will have another one, if that makes you feel better

  2. I really am sorry you feel so cruddy. But you will forget it after the baby is born and will have another one, if that makes you feel better. It won’t, I know

  3. It’s at times like these that I dread having a baby. I don’t want to deal with it all. I want children… I just wish they came another way! I need a stork! Ha. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. When that little punkin comes he/she will be so cute you absolutely will want more. CA and I had a discussion awhile back about how you were going to handle not having your mattress (that was when you were going to sleep on a futon). You and your mattress issues are so predictable (Princes Peawea).All I can say is that it will be worth it someday. Post pictures of you in your cute new clothes. Love mom

  5. Ok so after all your whinning posts it is time for you to hear the COLD HARD TRUTH. That way maybe if you have really low expectations you will feel better. Ok here goes. Oh man your hips hurt already? Oh boy wait a few weeks then they really hurt and you are tossing and turning all night and you wish you could get some sleep. YOu start thinking “let’s induce because I need this thing out and want some sleep” but let me tell you you are getting more sleep now than you will with a baby. Then you really start to get huge and not that cute preggy huge. HUGE HUGE. And your feet swell and your hands swell. And if you are lucky you will get carpel tunnel and your hand will get numb and tingly and feeling won’t come back until months after the baby is born. Ok that is enough the wet your appetite. I will write more later. Happy pregnancy!

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