The pickles go on

So here is the scoop.  Pickles on tacos comes from my great uncle Grant who served a mission in Argentina a long, long time ago.  Though after some research, I am skeptical.  After Googling several different phrases, I found this book on Amazon.




So according to Rick Silvers, there are no tacos in Argentina so how could there be pickles on tacos, if there aren’t any? Maybe I need to see if our local library has this book and see what it says.  Maybe it has nothing to do with pickles…or tacos…or Argentina.  Maybe it’s in the naughty section and I shouldn’t even go there. Hmmmmm……



2 thoughts to “The pickles go on”

  1. It was probably a missionary made up recipe. You should call him and get the whole history. Whatever, it seems to be a family tradition (that I get razed about) now.

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