Some firsts and some familiars

The Firsts: First off for the firsts, I have officially hit my half way mark!  As of Saturday I am 20 weeks.  Tomorrow we have the ultra sound.  I’m not looking forward to drinking 28 ounces of water (which is weird because I was originally told 16 ounces) and not peeing for an undisclosed amount of time but oh well.  So we will let everyone know and reassure you that it is a human….if that is what the tech tells us anyway.

Tonight Devin’s team at work went out to eat (on Apple’s dime) to celebrate being mostly finished with a project.  I say mostly because they have a few ends to tie up but someone who was helping out from Sweden is at the end of his three week stay.  So they opted to celebrate a little early for his sake.  We ended up going to an Indian restaurant (another first).  The food was ok but it was definitely better the first time, not so good coming back with the pregnancy burps (I was afraid of that).

After dinner we went to a gelato place. Not a first for gelato, but for this particular place.  It was pretty dang good.  I don’t know if it was worth the price (had we paid for it) but glad we went.

The familiar: To top off the night there was a package waiting at our door when we got home. I thought it was a book that I had ordered about a week ago. Then I opened it.  Ah, HEAVEN! My favorite sister-in-law took the time to go to REI in Seattle during her visit last week and got me some of my favorite candies.  Chukar Cherries chocolate honey pecans. I wasn’t expecting them until tomorrow at the earliest but for once, USPS out did themselves.  She shipped them on Saturday, and we go them today!  THANK YOU KATIE!  Today, you are my favorite (yes, this is an open invitation for some friendly competition among sisters, or brothers…in or out of law).

Today I also had a doctor appointment.  Still the same things.  One weird thing was just after I signed in, the receptionist/medical assistant called my name and said, “can you do a urine sample.” I said yes and got up to take care of business.  But before I could reach my hand out the door, the one other lady in the waiting room with me jumped up and ran to the bathroom.  The receptionist and I looked at each other quite confused, as if she thought her name was called…or that the toilet had only one flush left in it and she better get to it before I did.  I couldn’t really tell.  It was just weird.

On a side note, my doctor wouldn’t sign the release form for me to work out at the Apple fitness center.  She decided to refer me to a general practitioner to further investigate these breathing episodes I’ve been having.  We’ll see how that goes.  And I only put that under the “familiar” section because it is a complaint.  According to Devin, I’m good at complaining.

3 thoughts to “Some firsts and some familiars”

  1. YAY! I’m SO GLAD they made your day! Crazy how something that small can be SO AMAZING! it really was no problem getting them…just a small trip out of the way. But still….I think I’ll continue to bask in this glory of being the “favorite sister-in-law” for quite some time. I mean…after all…I AM pretty much amazing :-) Love you guys!!

  2. I’m so excited for you about your ultrasound!! It’s so much fun to get a peek at your little baby, and the water drinking actually wasn’t so bad for me. She let me go to the bathroom about halfway through because my full bladder was squishing him and making him move around too much. Hopefully you’ll get a blessed release as well! Are you finding out the gender?

  3. Oh so fun! I’m excited to hear the results! My favorite part is definitely, “Devin thinks I’m good at complaining.” Ha! I could totally see him saying that!

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