A Google Fail

Ok you Google geniuses. It seems you have overlooked a little something called Facebook.  You’re never going to survive if you don’t work flawlessly with Facebook.  I realize that this may just be your evil plot to get people to use your social networking site Orkut (what’s that readers? Never heard of it? Hmmm).  But that just isn’t going to fly.

See, so far there are two features on Facebook that seem to have kinks in them.

1.) the friend suggestion feature and

2.) the nice little sound that goes “pop” when someone is chatting with you but you aren’t on the Facebook page at the moment.

These two features are very important to me.  The friend suggestion allows me to see what random people Facebook has pulled out of their back pocket for me to be friends with that I don’t know.  Also, it allows me to see all the people who I know but don’t care to add them as my friend, nor them add me.

Oh so you weren’t aware of the friend suggestion problem? Well, when you go to use that feature, but want to see what Facebook will suggest after the first 20 or so and you click on the little “x” to close a suggestion that you don’t want…well instead of a nice new one coming up it plays this game with you.  A new suggestion will come up with a new picture and name but the name will only appear for 1/32 of a second.  So if you are a really fast reader, I suppose that’s not a problem.  But it ain’t working for me.

The sound that goes “pop” when someone sends you a chat message is important.  Who wants to sit and stare at the chat box while they are waiting for a new message to come through when they could be surfing other sites at the same time? Oh wait, maybe that is a change that Facebook made to make you stay on their site….anyone else been experiencing this?

Ah, I need something better to do….

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