A New Look

Yes, again I have changed my mind about our website theme.  This of course came with several hiccups along the way.

I went for a 3-column layout which seems to look a little better.  Also, Devin helped me put in some of the features I’ve been wanting like showing updates on my blogroll. I still haven’t figured out why some of your blogs don’t show the real last update, either on my list or in Google reader.  Anyone else know?

The panic came after Devin updated wordpress and the geniuses behind that update failed to mention that it would save everything except the pictures.  So for a while we thought I’d have to go back and insert all the pictures….for everything. Not the most fun thing to do.  But then wouldn’t you know it, Windows saved the day! I had written the majority of my posts in Live Writer and that still had all the pictures in it. After some researched we figured out how to reload them all back on the website.  So, most of the pictures are now back up, with a few missing here and there.  So in general a smooth-ish transition and I don’t need Devin to make a bunch of tweaks like I wanted on the last one.  Plus, I think this one just looks cleaner but still has some personality.

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