I’ve got some catching up to do

I’m sure you all have been wondering why I haven’t posted in about a week.  OK, maybe not. Yes, I have finished school and my grades have posted so it will soon be 100% official. Since we are in California, I’m pregnant and Devin will graduate in April, I decided it would be easier on everyone if I just planned to walk with him them.  Plus, it’ll be more fun to do it together.  But if you already bought me a graduation gift, feel free to send it my way.  If not, you still have plenty of time to get the perfect thing.  Just kidding. (…sort of)

So now that all my classes are done, what have I been up to? Sleeping in, being lazy, and doing nothing? Hardly.  Well, ok sometimes. 95% of the time I’m up with Devin every morning and we head off to the gym together.  Devin usually spends about 45 minutes working out while I, moving at a snail’s pace these days, am usually there for a good two hours. Then I head home for a shower, lunch and the daily check of all my websites. eBay, Amazon, email, blogs, craigslist, BYU housing, slickdeals, etc., etc. Unfortunately, the past few days haven’t worked out like usual because we keep having issues with the internet. It’s up, it’s down….all day. So doing my online stuff, including blogging, hasn’t worked as well.

So, I’ve been reading. Reading what? Oh yeah, baby books. Birthing methods, what to expect, feeding and sleeping schedules, baby gadgets, etc.  I think I’ve read somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen baby books this summer and there are plenty more that I want to read. Ah, so much to do and prepare for!

Anyway, I’ve got a few posts that I’m brewing up so stay tuned.

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  1. So… I know nothing about babies but my aunt highly recommends this book called Baby Wise. She swears by it. There, that is probably all the advice you’ll get from me! :)

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