Apartment fail

Have I mentioned anything about our apartment yet? Well, let me unload for you.

First off, we love the size and layout of this place. When it comes to the size, it’s a screamin’ deal for what we pay. However, when it comes to the condition of the place, oh we wish we could have seen it before signing the lease.

The previous occupants were the owners (aka our landlords).  They be dirty people. We’ve been here for four weeks now and I feel like I’ve been scrubbing walls, doors, and baseboards ever since we moved in. The entire place is in need of a major paint job complete with cleaning and priming. (There ain’t no way the new paint would stick to the walls in their condition).  The showers and toilets clearly had not been cleaned in months…or longer. You know this is the case when it takes nearly two hours to clean the shower! All the flooring is just a “few” months old though I’m beginning to think they haven’t vacuumed or mopped since it was installed. Again, I know this after spending hours on my hands and knees so that the grout would look closer to its intended medium brown, not black. You know this is the case with the carpet as well when you vacuum and you end up with….well, a cup of dirt.

But again, tons of room and storage so I guess that somewhat outweighs the cleaning we’ve had to do. Also on the up side, I’m not cleaning a darn thing when we move out of here. And if the landlords have a problem with that, I’ll just show them the pictures.

Another crappy thing is the so called dryer in this place. Well, let me just also say that the landlords are do-it-your-selfers but in a half-baked sort of way. So the dryer. It takes two full cycles to dry a load of heavier clothes like jeans or towels. Two full cycles equaling 140 minutes. Obviously not energy efficient. Last night Devin decided to tackle the Boy Scout of a vent job on the dryer to see if removing the needless length and sharp turns of the duct would improve the performance. Not so much.

So I guess I’m back to hanging clothes to mostly dry then tossing them back in the dryer for a quick fluff.

As if laundry wasn’t fun enough…

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