Another baby update

Let’s just hope that there are only 5 more  or less of these without actual photos of the little bug.

I had my 35 week appointment today which went surprisingly well. If you recall, at the last appointment my blood pressure was slightly elevated.  Apparently that was a false alarm or someone doesn’t know what they are doing. Today it was lower than it was previous to the supposed spike last week. The nurse asked if I was stressed or hurried at last week’s appointment. Oddly enough I wasn’t at all since I had plenty of time to sit and relax for 50 minutes in the waiting room.  Today on the other hand, I wasn’t rushed but the stress of getting ready for baby, money matters, and a handful of other things you’d think I’d be worse off. Nope. Doing great.

And like I mentioned before, started the internal exams today. Fun. It wasn’t that bad but I could tell it could have been better as this particular doctor wasn’t exactly gentle with anything he did. So once again, here are the stats.

  • baby is head down
  • this doctor said the thing in my ribs is the bum
  • baby has a bony butt
  • blood pressure back to good
  • a station number wasn’t given but she’s no where in the realm of low
  • 65% effaced
  • finger tip to 1cm dilated

That’s pretty much it for now.

PS–Anyone else who is or has been pregnant think that hiccups are the most annoying thing in the world?

2 thoughts to “Another baby update”

  1. Hiccups are the most annoying thing ever! I thought they were cute for like 2 days and now they drive me crazy. Can you believe that I’m 39 weeks and still haven’t had an internal exam? I’ve got my first one tomorrow (with any luck it will also be my last til i’m in the hospital) and I’m hoping for some good news. We’ll see!

  2. I thought hiccups were so cute at first, but not so much three times a day several days out of the week… I’m so happy for you that you are effaced and dialated! I always think that means how I have to do much less to get to the end when I actaully got to the hospital! Also, I felt like when that happened to me, it meant I had less chance of doing a c-section- idk if that’s true, but most women I know who had a section had to have it because they were clamped shut…so maybe? Also- why the HECK are you on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor? Does Devin know about this? and why hasn’t he stopped you if he does? =) I miss you guys like crazy! I have your apple card on my fridge so it can make me happy everyday with thought of you guys!! I’m going to update my blog tonight btw…

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