Steal of a deal

A few weeks ago I saw a recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies on the Martha Stewart Show and knew that Devin would love to make them.  When I told him about them he was of course excited. We wanted to make them last weekend but of course Wal Mart didn’t have all the ingredients that we needed for it. In addition, they suggested using an ice cream scoop so that the cake/cookies are uniform plus it’s just easier. We have a small one that we use all the time for cookies but we didn’t have the normal ice cream scoop size. Wal Mart had them but they cost anywhere from $6 to $13! For a potential one time use, that wasn’t worth it. During this past week I made it a point to stop at every dollar store in Provo to see if we could get one for a buck but no luck. Then yesterday I had a genius idea–DI!

You can’t go wrong for 50 cents, right?

So behold, our great find.


Here is the wonderful job it did at scooping our pies.


And my Devin scooping them.


However, like usual, it didn’t turn out like Martha’s. The batter seemed to spread… wildfire. 

So before we made the second batch, I put the batter in the freezer hoping that the blobs of batter would hold their shape long enough into the baking process. We also tried the second batch with our mini scooper.  I’m thinking that we need something in between the two.


After all was said and done we weren’t that impressed with Martha. What should have been a nice little desert was more like, well….a hamburger-sized death by pumpkin delicacy.


Even though the cake/cookies were baked the right amount of time and were nice an cakey, it seemed like they needed to be cooked quite a bit longer to be able to devour as finger food. Otherwise, the moist cakey goodness just fell apart in your hand.

Our conclusion: stick to the good old standby pumpkin bars. Much easier. Otherwise, cook these longer so you can better handle them.

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  1. Aww- Devin- so adorable! =) Good to know about Martha…also, I am sooo jealous yo not have a di nearby- oh the halloween coustumes I could make! and tape players! they are impossible to find! and other weird stuff!

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