Proud new owners

We are the proud new owners of 1,596 diapers and 1,232 wipes.




Do you think we are ready?

4 thoughts to “Proud new owners”

  1. We found that the Kirkland brand from Costco works the best, and it is the cheapest! Huggies were horrible for us, leaked every time

  2. I agree. Costco is the best quality and money-wise. They don’t start though until I think size 1-2. So not til the baby’s like 2 or 3 months old. And no…’re not prepared yet! haha! All of that will last you…….hmmm 2 weeks? :-) Good luck! Let us know what we can do to help!

  3. I recommend you no open them yet though- my friend had a little chunky cutie and he went straight to 2’s! I found that costco and target were equal price when target has a sale and I like pampers the best on skinny Macy- plus to me they feel soft and the others feel rough, and I feel like Macy’s skin is more sensative then mine, so double rough on her…idk- we all have our own quirks about diapers I find…my mom hates how pampers smell believe it or not- what a weird thing to care about!

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