HOA on the way!

We have these “neighbors.” It is the unit right next to ours. The unit is up for sale and is vacant as far as people goes.  Several days after we moved in we noticed this rancid stench coming from their direction. I went next door to check things out and noticed their window was open with flies swarming around it. Nasty!  A few days later there were several boxes outside their door with trash in it. Smelly, smelly trash. It had been there for at least two weeks and today I finally had enough of it. We couldn’t leave our front door or window open because of the flies and smell.

So I called the number for the real estate agent on the sign in front of their door. Politely I said that I was calling about the condo at X address and was wondering what the story was on it. “The story? Well, Goldie Locks and the three bears….what do you mean the story?” Instantly I was done being polite as this “businessman” didn’t care to be either. So I told him I was the neighbor and I was looking to get a hold of the owner because their two week old trash was disgusting. He responded by saying it was bank owned and they wouldn’t do anything about it and if it bothered us then we needed to clean it up. After a little more conversation I told him I would just call HOA so that they would fine them and hung up on him.

And today is the day that I love HOA. I got the number from our landlords, called them and told them about the trash and the couch that has been sitting by the dumpster for over a week.  They took my name and number and a nice maintenance man showed up in less than two hours to remove the trash and couch!

Love. It.

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