Landlord fail

Are you beginning to see a trend?

There are two sets of blinds in our place that need replacing.  We were kind enough to give our landlords a month to come up with the mere what…$20? $30? to replace them.  Of course after waiting a month we never heard from them so I sent a kind email reminding them they needed to do the repairs. She asked for the dimensions of the windows and I sent her the following:

60 wide x 48 inches high and 35 wide x 60 inches high

This morning she showed up…unannounced (I hate that BTW) with the blinds. She obviously had no intention of installing them but after she offered we just said we would do it. That was mostly so it would just get done.

HOWEVER, after a closer look at the blinds I realize she didn’t get either one right. What should have been 60×48 in. she got 65×48. And what should have been 35×60 she got 35×48. Uh, yeah. Can we read? Or something?

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