37 week update

Today I had my 37 week checkup. The bad news, I gained 2 pounds this last week. Ugh. I guess I had to catch up for the last 6 weeks when I was holding steady.

The good news, 70% effaced, -1 station, head down and 2 centimeters dilated! Woo-hoo! I was afraid that she wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity of a station rating but I guess I was wrong. 

Today I met the last of the 6 doctors. Let me tell you, I sure hope he’s not on call when I deliver because my exam was freaking uncomfortable. It was nice that he was very thorough but he kept talking during the whole thing and I honestly have no idea what he said because I was trying to concentrate on my breathing like he instructed me to. Funny how the other two didn’t require that.

In other news, Devin thinks I’m nesting. I’m not so sure yet. I always have these random days where I get super motivated and even if I don’t have a lot of energy, I push through to get things done.

Let me just say (again?) that our apartment was, and some parts still are, freakin’ nasty. The last few days I have gotten tired of either not being able to walk around without shoes or having to wash my feet several times a day. And this is after scrubbing and mopping the tile over and over again. I figured it was the carpet that was doing it which wouldn’t be a surprise after seeing what I vacuum up. So we borrowed my MIL’s carpet cleaner. Devin didn’t want to because he thought he would have to do it. This was apparent as he mumbled, “I hate nesting.” I laughed and reassured him that I would do it as it isn’t any more strenuous than vacuuming and definitely easier than mopping that dang tile.

Today I spent about 5 hours cleaning the kitchen and front room and got all the tile mopped (three times over) and the front room carpet cleaned.  And yes, buckets of dirty water from the “only a few months old” carpet.

Tomorrow’s project: our bedroom and bathroom, including the carpet. Ah, another fun day…

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