Baby Shower

Last Saturday was my baby shower. We had a small turn out but if there were any more people it would have been hard to fit them into the space. My sister-in-law Katie and mother-in-law Robin hosted it at our apartment (Thanks!).


Robin did most of the food and of course made this cake. As you can see, the name is still undecided and the names we are thinking about are under wraps. Hopefully we’ll figure out what to name the little bug soon after delivery.


I didn’t take too many pictures and neither did anyone else.  But here are a few.


On the left is Cami and then to the right of me is Brittany and Tori. Brittany was a roommate of mine. Cami is her younger sister and Tori is their cousin. Oh, I miss hanging out with them. Good times.


This is everyone working on scrapbook pages for me. It was a fun activity and I ended up with really cute pages for my baby book. On the left is Lauren (a friend of Devin’s from high school), her daughter Charlotte, Katie, little sister Sarah, and Tori and Brittany again.

Thanks to everyone who came and all of the awesome presents!

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  1. It was fun to see you again too! I have an amazing name for your baby…wait for it…. “Tori.” Don’t you just love it?!? Ha! Anyway, we want to see that baby when she comes!

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