When’s the b-b-BABY due?


This was me last Saturday at my 36 week mark. That’s 4 weeks to the original due date. At my 20 week ultrasound they put the due date at October 15 instead of 17th but I ignored that for several reasons. For one I didn’t want to worry myself that I was going to have a big baby. For two, chances of delivering early with your first is slim so keeping the 17th in my mind will just help me feel better when I pass the 15th. Right? Also, I think that even the 17th is a few days earlier than it should be (according to my cycle calculations).  And lastly, it wasn’t like it was two weeks difference. What’s a couple days anyway? Eh, whatever.

So one question often asked is what the trend is in my family for being on time, early, or late. And the answer is, inconsistent. For my mom her first was two weeks early, her second, two weeks late, and her third and last (that’s me!) two weeks early. Soooo, I’m not really sure what to make of that. My sis, who has had one baby, delivered something like two days before her due date, though it’s a little unclear if she was fully induced or if things were just helped along.

Sure it would be nice to be two weeks early. That usually means smaller baby and of course, less pregnancy time. However, if I hang in there until the 20th insurance is cheaper. So, I might be able to go either way. At this point I am getting a good decent nights rest about 1 out of 3 nights.

We’ll see.

We’ll see.

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