Who doesn’t love free stuff? I for one, am totally up for free stuff as long as it doesn’t cost me more in time than the the item is worth and it doesn’t cause an annoyance….again more than the item is worth.  By that I mean by getting one little thing for free I don’t want to be forever on a mailing list with 15 different companies.

With all the baby magazines, books, and products I began seeing all these free offers for stuff. Usually I don’t go for that kind of stuff because again, I don’t want junk mail forever.  But then I got to thinking–we’ll be moving again by the spring/summer so who cares what gets sent to our address. Sign me up!

My first find was for Lansinoh products. You know, that magic purple stuff that is worth its weight in gold when just used as chap stick? Ah, my favorite! And since my seemingly bottomless tube got heisted with my purse back in CA I needed some pronto but didn’t want to spend the $8 (though I knew I had to at some point.) Anyway, so I saw on some other blog that if you call their customer service number they will send you free samples. It looks like they are not a company that puts out coupons much (or at all) so I’m not sure that I’ll be getting too much mail from them anyway. Of course my favorite one from them was the small .25 oz tube of the lanolin. And if you are talented enough you can squeeze more into it from the bigger tubes and it’s nice and small for your purse/diaper bag. LOVE IT! (I also got nursing pads, diaper rash cream, wet wipes, and a smaller pack of the lanolin.)

My next and perhaps more rewarding discovery was from Baby’s R Us. I never planned to register for gifts because there were few people that I expected gifts from, I was having a small shower, and to be honest, not many people care what you want anyway. They give what they want to give which is totally fine. So why waste the time registering especially at BRU since they are so expensive. Oh, the gift bag is reason enough. Devin and I were there the other day just checking out prices and Devin suggested that I just do a registry for what I needed. That way he can have all the info to scope out the deals online. That works. So we went to the registry desk where the lady proceeded to give us this big song and dance presentation why it’s so great to register there…which was weird because we already decided we were going to. Why was she trying so hard to convince us how great it was? Whatever. We grabbed the gun and made a quick 10 minute scan of the store and left with a bag of goodies. The best thing was the bottle. It retails for almost $10 so that was definitely worth it plus it was the brand that I wanted to get anyway so double score. We also got some ointment samples, newborn size diapers, a cute little diaper envelope organizer thingy, wipes, a window sun shade for the car….is that it?

Anyway, here is a picture of most of the loot. IMG_2000

Oh, and there is more on the way. I also signed up for some free stuff from Enfamil (formula). Coming in that pack should be all the formula I need for my emergency stash and a travel changing pad.  Totally excited about the changing pad because I don’t have one. Since I’m using a regular handbag/purse for my bag it obviously didn’t come with a pad. So free is definitely good.  I think there are some other goodies coming with that, too.  We’ll have to see.

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  1. Don’t forget, too….usually the hospital you deliver at will send you away with a brand new diaper bag STUFFED with free goodies! However…you are paying a lot to stay at the hospital….so who’s to say its all really “free”. But anyway….nice pleasant surprise for me there!

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