I’ve come to the conclusion that…

….someone needs to invent a good glue-less, non-residue leaving behind bandage.  All this glue gunk from the surgery bandages is getting ridiculous.

… the book “On Becoming Baby Wise” needs an entire chapter with disclaimers including “this ain’t gonna work if your baby enjoys sleeping for 6 hours at a time during the day and being awake for more than 4 hours at a time….what 3 hour cycle?” Oh and did I miss the part where it explains how to get your baby to take a full feeding instead of snaking? Anyone?

…changing a diaper will never result in the use of one more diaper.  It will always end with at least 2 (if not more) diapers in the trash. And half a dozen wipes.  Thus 7 to 8 soiled diapers a day = possibly 14 to 16 diapers used. 

…Katelyn doesn’t like bath time.  She proved this by pooping on her towel last night.

…Katelyn no longer likes to be swaddled. At two weeks?! Are you kidding me? She just likes to have her hands up by or over her face. I should have known after all the ultra sounds showed her in this position.


2 thoughts to “I’ve come to the conclusion that…”

  1. Regarding the book Babywise, if she is sleeping six hours a day, then you need to wake her to feed her, not just let her sleep. And you have to give it time, it was so hard getting our little one to not fall asleep in the middle of feedings, but try doing a diaper change in the middle, tickling the toes, using ice (they don’t like the cold) on their feet, or a wet wipe on their face to try to keep them awake. But it is so worth it when they start sleeping at 8 weeks, and it is just like magic, they just start doing it. Unless your baby has colic, then all bets are off. Good luck for these first few weeks.

  2. Well, I just have to say that I read EVERY baby book about sleep out there because Macy had her nights and days mixed up too and they really just made things worse now, I think, looking back. I was always so stressed out when I worked so hard to do what they said in the book and then Macy would do what they said she would- i.e. get on a FREAKING sched or sleep for more than two hours at a time- it was awful. They are SOOOO freaking contradictory (spell?) too- one says the complete and total opposite of the other and then another after than! I feel like I felt better when my Aunt told me- “You know what? The baby is going to do what she is going to do- you really can’t do very much about it- and you know what? She is going to be okay.” I still really struggled with lack of sleep for myself, but that thought really made me feel better about trying and trying to figure out what was “THE BEST” sleep thing for her. She just did what she wanted no matter what I did anyways…she still is like that sometimes=) anyways- sorry this is soo long. didn’t mean to go off on a tangent…sorry
    oh-ps- macy hated to be swaddled too- two weeks and she was done too- how funny- maybe you have a little miss independant on your hands too=)

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