Blanket time

A few months before Katelyn arrived I was concerned that I wouldn’t get any blankets for her as gifts. Come my shower I had received just a few which of course isn’t enough for a baby who has spent many days in just blankets. But now it seems like I have an abundance of blankets.  So here are some of my favorites and they are all so unique.

This one Melanie, my visiting teaching companion in CA, made for me.  I love the colors and the little white flowers the she sewed on it.



This one I made. Super cute if I do say so myself.



This one was made by our Aunt Barbara. She also made a really cute pink hat. Unfortunately, Katelyn is not as fond of hats as she once was.



This one will be a fleece blanket that my dad is going to made for Katelyn. Or she’ll just have a piece of fleece fabric….we shall see.



This one my cousin-ish (don’t ask me the official term) Samantha made. I love how bright it is.  It makes a perfect floor blanket. So cute. It just happened to have a super cute baby sleeping on it when I was taking pictures for this post.



This one my mom made in just a few days.  All of Katelyn’s cousins will be jealous at how quick she got a blanket from Grandma.


This is what the back looks like.  It’s pictures of nursery rhymes.



I also have another quilt coming from my sister.  It’s really cute.  She is having it machine quilted at a shop in Orem.  I’ll post pictures of it when I get it back.

I never thought I’d need and use so many blankets.  And these are just the ones that people made.  There are a few more random ones like one of mine when I was a baby, a really nice one my sister bought me when I was just a few weeks pregnant, and some others.  Gotta love baby blankets, right?

One thought to “Blanket time”

  1. So, I totally have a blanket for you. The patchwork is finished, but I haven’t quite had time to quilt it… I was going to hand quilt it, but would you mind so much if I just quilted it using my sewing machine? Not as cool, but… this post made me feel guilty that I haven’t mailed it yet!

    (I LOVE quilting, but the problem is, I only really like making girl quilts. So, that is why I made one for you – I have massive amounts of cute girl fabric, that I will not use for myself in the foreseeable future. And I can’t seem to find cute boy fabric that isn’t a little girly, and my boys aren’t even a little girly).

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