Like I mentioned before, Katelyn has made it known to us that she does not like to be swaddled or any form of restraint.  She will fuss and cry when we first put her into her car seat but luckily she calms down after some rocking, swinging, or driving around.  The other day Devin was teasing her a little by holding down her arms.  She would scream but stop when he would let go of her arms.

This is a clip of her at 9 days old when she started to discover that if she worked at it, she could get out of her burrito blanket. From this I determined that she is left handed as she would always just have her left arm out….but now it is always both out. So perhaps we have a talented ambidextrous baby.  Ok, maybe not….we’ll see.


Since she has discovered that she doesn’t have to be swaddled up all the time, she has gone from this


….to this


(This is what I call “superman”)

The best is when she wakes us up in the middle of the night screaming because she gets her legs caught up in her jammies and can’t stretch. K….maybe not the best.

2 thoughts to “Swaddle-me-not”

  1. Logan used to always get his left hand out first too! He also fought the swaddle and still does sometimes but we still do it. Now when he’s fussy and wants to sleep being swaddled calms him down because he knows he’ll get some help getting to sleep.

  2. I love watching this video to see 1. those tiny little hands wiggling out 2. her looking around with huge bright eyes 3. Devin enjoying his little pumpkin- you guys make me so happy!

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