She’s all smiles

Katelyn has been smiling more and more the last few days. I’m surprised how open mouthed her smiles are because when she was only smiling when she was half asleep her smiles looked nothing like these.

She still only gives us a few good ones every wake period but I’ll take em.  And because of that, it’s hard to capture them. Here are some pictures from my attempts this morning. And yes, she’s going bald. :o(







And success!


And here is a video which gives you a better idea.

4 thoughts to “She’s all smiles”

  1. This is going to make me cry!!! She is so beautiful with that big grin on the video that it hurts!! So awesome that you caught one! I think I have like 2 of Macy at that age smiling- they are REALLY hard to catch- bravo Mommy! Also- who are you that you have a newborn and you freaking update your blog every hour?!? And you/Katelyn had thrush?! What the heck!!? I didn’t even know! Are you okay now? Was it so horrible? I am so sorry!! But you are still crazy too- you are too good for me!=)

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