It just melts your heart

There is something about this…..



….that just melts your heart. Something about that changing table that always gets a smile out of her.

Yesterday and today I successfully let Katelyn “cry it out” for her nap.  There are times when she will just go to bed quietly and not put up any fuss.  But when she is over tired and just not calming down with my tricks, I decided it was time to give it a shot. The trick is to distract yourself so you are not sitting, watching the clock and wondering when she’ll fall asleep. 

Yesterday, the only way I could handle it was to be so occupied that I physically couldn’t run to pick her up. I took a shower. I guess I could have gotten out to check on her but I was in a bit of a time crunch for church so I did my best to ignore her. Fifteen minutes later she was quiet and asleep. Yay!

Today, she was doing her “I’m tired. I’ll fall asleep in your arms but if you put me down I’ll just quietly look around….for an hour” thang.  I still can’t figure out why she does that. So I put her in the swing for a while and then she started to doze off so I put her in her crib. She wasn’t fond of that one but today she only cried 10 minutes before falling asleep. I’ll take it.

Before her bath today, I go these shots.



I think she looks like her Auntie Cari-Ann in this one.

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