No nap!

I can’t remember where that statement came from but I know it had something to do with my dad.

Anyway, today Katelyn has decided that she doesn’t want to nap….at all. She got her early morning one in but after that she’s been staying awake for most of her 3 hour cycle. I’ve tried. I’ve tried plenty of things.  I know she was tired because if I would hold her she would be out. I tried putting her in her crib but that little bug would just lay there with her eyes wide open….for nearly an hour.  Same thing with the swing.

After the last feeding she was definitely fussy. Yes, she would fall asleep if I held her but let’s be honest —all the time is not fun.

So I laid her in her boppy next to me and had a rational conversation with her.

“Katelyn, you are so tired. You need to close your eyes and go to sleep. Why don’t you just go to sleep?”

And then there was this…


Who knew a 6 week old just needed to be told nicely to go to sleep.


3 thoughts to “No nap!”

  1. No nap! It came from honey I shrunk the kids! (The second one…it might have had a different name, but I still love those movies. :)

  2. oh i just love her!! I love the last one- you can really see her face turning from newborn to baby with her own features! I love that little concerned look! “Hmm…what are other ways I can frustrate mom besides not napping hmm”

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