How do you brownie?

Brownie pudding has always been a favorite in the Sal family and it didn’t take long for it to become one of Devin’s favorites, too.  We’ve always used the old standby, Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, for the recipe.  However, there’s a new gal in town.

Devin found a new recipe for brownie pudding on the blog, Sara’s Kitchen. The brownie pudding is pretty much amazing.

On Sunday we were supposed to have a few couples over for dinner as part of our “ward missionary” calling. (AKA member fellowship/self appointed activites committee). Considering our poor experiences with dinner groups previously, we decided to wittle it down to just dessert. About an hour and a half before go time, we were frantically trying to make some time sensitive decisions and of course Katelyn wasn’t about to go to bed without a fight. So I made an executive decision to cancel our dessert guests, but not the dessert. Sorry guys, we’ll try again in a few weeks.

Back to the pudding…

We made it once before and it was oh-my-goodness-wonderful! So much better than BH&G. But here’s the secret. Yes, it calls for cinnamon. I think it kinda does the same thing as coffee–makes chocolate so much more chocolate-like. But without the coffee. On the first try we could tell there was cinnamon so on the next round, we reduced it by just a hair. Perfect! I wish I would have taken pictures of it right out of the oven but the next day’s leftovers will have to do.


This is by no means an elegant looking desert but who cares. It’s pretty much a bowl full of joy.

Serve it very warm to hot.

And don’t forget all the ice cream.


Then it just turns into this melty goodness.

Let me demonstrate.



PS: Thanks Jenny and Steve for the cocoa! Couldn’t have done it without you.

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  1. Dear Brittany, Please kindly STOP telling me about blogs I should visit, due to my everyday now wasting HOURS and hours going from one blog to the next. It is ALL your fault I am addicted to this. At least that is what I tell Austin. That is all.
    Thank you, Emily

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