6 months? Already?

Wow, time seriously flew by. It’s so crazy to think that she’s now six months old. So as if I haven’t posted enough pictures of our little bug lately, here are some from the past week or two.


She loves her high chair and just might love rice cereal even more. She has always finished all of her cereal (minus what cannot be salvaged from her face).  She’ll let you know she wants more by opening her mouth and moving her tongue around like she’s licking something. But she’s definitely not a fan of cleaning process after.


She loves hanging out with her daddy. She’ll be grumpy and tired but when Devin gets home she’ll give him the biggest smile. This of course causes Devin to think that my day was easy and full of smiles. Yeah, not always the case, but thankfully it is usually.


The first thing people always notice about her are her eyes. “Look at those eyes!” Next is usually her big smile. For a few weeks she had a little stranger anxiety. She’s mostly over that and now shows off her gums to anyone who will pay attention to her. Even the equally cute little girl she plays with in the mirror. 


Yep, she still loves those hands. Well, anything she can put in her mouth, really. Recently it’s been her toes. She usually wears footed jammers to bed but the other day she was wearing non-footies with socks. In the morning we found her sock-less and grinning. She prefers it that way so she’ll love it when it finally gets warm enough to go barefoot.

She loves bath time and often I feel like I get more wet than her after all her splashing. She’s become quite the squealer over the last week or so. Combine those two together and we have a blast at bedtime. Minus the bedtime part–still not a fan.

A few other things about Katelyn:

  • Still loves “Superman” (when you lift her up over your head saying “superman!” in a high voice)
  • Enjoys tummy time more and more
  • Seems to have forgotten how to roll over (she had it down without fail at about 3 months)
  • Never gets bored with her little toys and play mat
  • Will grab anything within her reach and try for anything out of reach
  • Just graduated to size 2 diapers this week (though they are huge…whatdayado)
  • Wears mostly size 3 month clothes with a few 3-6 monthers
  • Still loves to be bounced (newest favorite is in the wrap carrier…LOVE IT!)
  • Loves a stroller ride and usually a car ride
  • Loves to suck on her burp clothes
  • Doesn’t care for getting dressed after her bath but is happy as can be any other time she’s dressed
  • Recently fell in love with MoTab (found this out while watching Conference)
  • Can’t seem to smile enough (except for the camera…figures)
  • Still looks just like her daddy when he was her age
  • Nicknames we call her are Bug, Bug-Bug, Bugaboo, Sweetie Pie, Punkin Pie, Munchkin, and Soggy Buns

Our little girl has gotten so big…not like she used to be.


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