Paris–Arch de Triumph

One of our more enjoyable outings in Paris was to the Arch de Triumph. We were debating wether or not to go but then decided to go for it and were fully prepared to make the hike to the top. When we got to the front of the line to go up, the not-so-pleasant ticket lady firmly told us to go around. Without further direction or reasoning, Devin questioned her explaining that we had tickets. She continued to motion to us to go around while we stood there confused and frustrated. Finally she said, “the lift. You cannot go with the baby.”

So instead we took the elevator. Not something they usually let make you do in the States.

Thank you, Katelyn.

At the top.


Looking down onto some sort of memorial celebration procession. We had no idea what was going on but there were plenty of officials and spectators around so apparently it was something special.



Did I mention how it rained…a lot…

The most entertaining thing was to watch the roundabout that goes around the arch.  It’s something like eight unmarked lanes.  Some cars were speeding through whiles others were just at a dead stop. And yet, not one crash. Crazy.

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