After a two-day pit stop in Dijon, France, we were on to Switzerland.

Switzerland ended up being one of my favorite places that we visited. It was so beautiful and the countryside was refreshing. 


We took a tram ride up a mountain. This was only one of dozens of them and the shortest (cheapest) one available. If we had more money and the weather was clearer we would have gone further. But we figured why go up to look at a bunch of clouds.

From the tram.


Hanging out in the village at the top of the tram.


And I know you are wondering, where is that awkward kissing picture?

Yep, there it is. We didn’t want to disappoint you.

We stayed in Switzerland for three nights. Our hotel had bikes you could use so we went for a short ride around the little town we stayed in. Clearly, Katelyn enjoyed the ride.


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