Let’s be honest, many places we visited we did specifically to experience the food. We like food.

Italy was no exception. Our first day there we went to a great authentic Italian restaurant. Devin ordered a pizza which once he saw it was wondering why he ordered so much. 


But that was no problem.


I ordered gnocchi. I don’t often get gnocchi but it sounded good and was one of the few things we could figure out what it was.


It was the best gnocchi I’ve ever had. So good.


Katelyn was having fun and the servers were in love with her. After some getting-to-know-you time, our server put out his hands and Katelyn went to him. She had fun walking around with him, smiling and laughing as we ate.


Even after all that food, we knew we had to get some authentic gelato.

Oh. Yum.


It was a great experience. Everything was so good.

Even the spoons tasted good.


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