Italy–the bad side

As we continued on in Italy we felt that our first day was deceiving. As we continued on, we realized that driving was scary, English speakers were few, and we were feeling the need for something besides the gelato standby.

Day Two: After securing a hotel we ventured out to get some grub in the town of Trento. We circled the square and decided upon a pizza place. We sat down and after a few minutes we ordered.


Long story short–after approximately 50 minutes total without food, we got up and left.

So don’t go to eat here. Unless you never want to eat. Then it’s perfect for you.


Desperate, we found a buffet place. We didn’t want to sit and wait again. We were tired and hungry. So we were in and out of the buffet. At that point, we both ate just because we needed to eat. Horrible food at a horrible place. It was merely calories.


So Italy…not so much.

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  1. Love all the Europe pics~ we sure missed you guys. Have fun with your adventures in California! Be sure to keep us all posted with you guys!

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