Back to Germany–Bavaria

After the Italy disappointment, we decided to go to Bavaria. We hadn’t planed to go there but since we spent less time in Italy, we had a few extra days to burn before heading to Prague.


In Bavaria we went to see two castles, one of which was rumored to be the one that the Disney castle was inspired by.

Near the castles is a bridge that overlooks the castles and the valley.


On the way down from the bridge we decided to take the path less traveled and we are glad we did. We weren’t sure if we really wanted to since we couldn’t use the stroller but it was definitely worth it. It was a trail that went along the river and there were very few people, especially compared to the tourist mob on the roads.

Looking up at the bridge we were on in the above picture.




In the area we stayed there were plenty of cows. While we were in Switzerland we could hear the cowbells from out hotel room window. I guess I never really knew that those bells were actually used. Crazy. So I just had to get a picture with one. Not to mention they were pretty cute…for cows.




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