An Update on Katelyn

I just have to put a little insert here about our little Bug-Bug.

She was a great traveler…most the time. For the first couple weeks she slept a lot in the car and otherwise did great while awake. Since we didn’t always have a good plan or know exactly where we were and what was ahead, we had a few meltdowns in the car, some of which involved being hungry. With the need to nurse sometimes we had to…uh…do what you had to do while continuing on in the car. It worked.

Our original plans were to purchase a small port-a-crib when we got to Europe but we quickly found out that they were difficult to find and more than we wanted to spend. The first night we tried the suitcase. Seriously. It may have worked for a less sprawled out baby, but not Katelyn. She requires space.

So, she started sleeping next to me. I hoped it was only for a few nights but it ended up being the entire time. This, unfortunately, lead to an overtired mom nearly the entire time. I didn’t sleep well because her sleep schedule had switched time zones but her eating schedule did not. She would hardly eat during the day but nursed constantly during the night. Wether that’s how it really was or if that’s just how it ended up because of her sleeping next to me, I’ll never know. But we did the best we could.

In other news, our little girl did some growing up while we were gone.

Seven months and seven days, she got her self a dandy pair…


…of teeth!

We call her Toofer.

It caught us by surprise because aside from the occasional meltdown, she was still usually like this:


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