We made it to Prague

It seemed like it was never going to happen but we finally made it to Prague. Well, just outside of Prague. My uncle lives in Ricany which is about 30 minutes outside of Prague. Katelyn was excited to get out of the car for more than a few hours and to have some familiar people (besides her boring parents) play with her.

Hanging out with Bah-Bah in her new dress she gave her.


One of the main events while in Czech was my dad’s birthday. He hasn’t celebrated his birthday with his family since he left Czech originally (in his late 20’s). All of our closer family came as well as a few of my dad’s old friends.


My uncle got a cake in the shape of a radio for my dad because he loves his ham radio.

After we Americans sang happy birthday and the candles were out, everyone lined up to deliver their gift and offer a hug and kiss and their well wishes. I’ve never seen that before and thought it was nifty.

IMG_0894 IMG_0898

After the gifts were opened, everyone sat around and talked. It was nice because there were a few cousins that spoke English so we had the opportunity to talk with them more than the last time we visited.

It was a fun celebration and enjoyable having Devin meet my family and get to know them better.

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