Czech family pictures

Just before some people needed to leave my dad’s party, we took some much needed family pictures.

So here is my family on my dad’s side.

Here is Devin with my cousin’s husband and their baby Dominik. Dominik was born two days before Katelyn. People always tell us how tiny she is and this picture makes me realize how small she is for her age.


Here is a pictures of the whole group. All except one is a family member. I’ll try to label them, though some I have no idea how to spell their name.  Here goes…


Starting on the left:

Tara (SIL), Bryan (bro), my dad, Uncle Jiri, Honza (cousin), Uncle Marek, my mom, my aunt, Eliska (cousin Radek’s fiance), cousin Iveta’s husband (tall one in back), Radek (cousin), dad’s friend, Kristyyna (cousin-ish), Marcella (aunt-ish), Devin (he’s my husband), Me & Katelyn (she’s my daughter),  and Iveta (cousin) & Dominik.

Here are all the cousins on my dad’s side of the family (minus Cari-Ann, my sis–she was at home with her handsome baby).


Bryan, Brittany, Radek, Iveta, Honza, and Kristyyna.

Here is my dad (middle) with his brothers. He is the oldest of the three. They have no sisters. My Uncle Jiri (left) is who we stayed with. Kristyyna and Marcella also live with him.


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